I used WordPress for blogging since 2007 and that changed when I decided to give Ghost a try in 2014. I stopped writing back then and thought to change to a simpler platform which was solely focused on writing and publishing would make me write again. For me, it’s very easy to see how wrong I was, since the article named “Goodbye WordPress and Hello Ghost” was my last article published on Ghost.

It’s been a while since I wrote my latest post and I didn’t mean to write more before I change how my blog looked, I was looking for a minimalistic UI and planning to design one myself. The design I was planning was a lot more minimalistic then what WordPress was capable of (not capable of running of course but it would be a waste of many things WordPress has to offer) I never needed my posts regenerated by php all the time, so static blogs seemed like a good idea. That’s just when I met ghost and decided to switch to it, but I always hosted my websites on a shared host and never needed more. Well, at least that was the case before. On this post, I’m going to try to tell my experience with a VPS to set up a ghost blog from the eyes of a newbie.