Recently, I bought some games to play and one of them was a bundle (Humble Bundle Telltale Games). I haven’t checked all of them just yet but there was a weird issue; on Launchpad, Back to the Future’s first episode (which I will refer as BTTF101 from now on since it’s the name of the app) and fifth episode (this one is BTTF105 so you get the idea) existed but none of the others (game has 5 episodes). I didn’t make an issue out of it and let it stay there for a while but it started to disturb me and I decided to reinstall or copy paste the games again. And what do you know, this time it was episode one and two. When I deleted episode two, it changed to another episode, when I deleted that one it changed again. To me, it looked like first episode was fine but there was a problem with the other four.