Designing My Site


I already had a website for a long time and I have been using designs by other designers. As I advanced in my career, I needed a website that reflects me and the work I do in a professional manner.


As a designer, I needed to present myself better by creating a quality design. Since the content is the most important aspect of this website, I focused on that. Using KISS principles, I decided on what needed to be on the website. In the end, I created a minimal and a content focused website.


Homepages are where a website makes the first impression with its visitors and since this is a personal website I chose to use it as an introduction to myself.

Blog & Other Writings

I decided to separate my writings into two sections; my blog would contain my writing on design and development and, everything else would go under “Other Writings”.

Style Guide

Even though I haven’t used it anywhere before, orange has been the main color of my identity for long years. It only made sense for me to create my design with orange in the center.

Under the KISS principle, I created a minimal style guide, containing colors, fonts, and required elements. After creating the style guide on Sketch, I started coding my website.